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Cary Dermatology Center offers a full array of skin care treatment to help you achieve your skin care goals. You can read more on this page about specific services.


Acne is a common problem for teens and young adults. While the exact cause is unknown, hormones, plugs in the follicles, bacteria and inflammation are all involved. There are many different treatments and skin care plans are best if individualized to a patient's unique skin type.

Since studies show that it takes at least 6-8 weeks to see initial improvement, many patients get discouraged and stop treatment too soon.

At Cary Dermatology we have years of experience successfully treating acne and our aesthetic center, Your Touch at Cary Dermatology, has years of experience advising clients about skin care and performing chemical peels and facials.

Currently, many insurance plans are charging more and more for prescription medications and only covering generic medications which can be less effective more irritating to the skin. By combining these medications with peels and facials we hope to clear skin faster.

Psoriasis treatment at Cary Dermatology

With 3 board certified Dermatologists  and years of experience treating psoriasis, Cary Dermatology is the place to seek treatment.

We are experienced with topical and systemic treatments including the biologics. We have a narrow band UVB box and an Excimer laser to treat difficult plaques and scalp psoriasis. Our insurance department is experienced with getting approval for treatments including home light therapy boxes.

In addition, our doctors participate in clinical trials for psoriasis, keeping us on the cutting edge of new therapies which we make available to our patients.

Call today to see how Cary Dermatology can help treat your psoriasis.

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