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Skin Rejuvenating Peels

What is a skin rejuvenating peel?

Skin peels utilize acids to remove a layer of skin. Superficial chemical peels with lactic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid exfoliate the top layer of the skin (epidermis). A series of 4 to 6 peels spaced 2 weeks apart significantly improves skin texture, evens out skin color, helps control acne, and thickens the lower layer of the skin to diminish fine lines.

How can a peel help my skin?

Many people find that their skin develops an uneven color and age spots over time. Fine lines emerge around age 25 to 30. Skin rejuvenating peels can help even out skin tone and diminish fine lines. Peels may also significantly reduce the plugging of acne.

Are peels painful?

Superficial chemical peels cause the skin to feel warm and sting slightly. No topical anesthesia is used, and most patients experience minimal discomfort.

How long does it take to recover from a peel?

Superficial chemical peels may cause the skin to appear pink for several hours to a day after the peel. Make-up may be applied immediately following the peel. Occasionally, thee may be dry flaking of the skin for several days after a superficial peel.

What types of peels are performed at Cary Dermatology?

We offer a range of superficial chemical peels employing different concentrations of glycolic acid, lactic acid and other exfoliating agents. Your skin type, the condition being treated, your current skin care regimen, and your treatment goals each affect the type and intensity of your skin peel program.

We also perform salicylic acid peels for acne. For many people, this type of superficial peel is the most effective way to diminish
acne plugs.

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