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IPL® Treatment for Rosacea

What is an IPL® Treatment for Rosacea?

An IPL® Treatment for Rosacea is a cosmetic treatment that uses a high-energy Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)® source to deliver doses of light energy to the face. The primary goal of the treatment is to diminish the redness of facial rosacea, due to excessive small blood vessel dilation and proliferation in the second or dermal layer of the skin.

How does the IPL® Treatment for Rosacea process work?

The IPL® Treatment for Rosacea at Cary Dermatology uses an FDA approved Candela Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)® medical device. Rapid pulses of high intensity visible light are delivered to selected target tissues in the skin, resulting in energy transfer to the target tissue. Varying the energy settings and wavelength parameters of the light pulses targets the small blood vessels of the superficial dermis. These vessels absorb the intense light energy, and shrink or disappear through a process termed "photocoagulation".

How can IPL® Treatment for Rosacea help me?

An IPL® Treatment for Rosacea is a single facial treatment with intense pulsed light that can reduce or eliminate the facial redness of rosacea. Most patients require four to six treatment sessions for maximum results, with fair skinned individuals typically requiring fewer treatments. Improvement may be recognized after a single treatment. The duration of improvement and the optimum frequency of subsequent "touch up" or "booster" treatments are unknown.

How is the IPL® Treatment for Rosacea procedure performed?

Each IPL® Treatment for Rosacea treatment requires about thirty minutes, and consists of flashes of bright light delivered to the skin from a computerized intense pulsed light source, through a hand piece containing a specially selected crystal filter. The skin is coated with a protective cooling gel and the eyes are protected with occlusive goggles.

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