Secret RF

Introducing two powerful technologies in one treatment. Secret RF combines radio frequency and microneedling technologies to deliver smoother tighter skin.

Secret RF treatments are customized to deliver energy levels and treatment depths appropriate for your needs. The skin is treated below the surface to minimize side effects and allow for stronger treatment than could be achieved by delivering energy on the surface of the skin. This also allows for any skin type to be treated, setting this treatment apart from resurfacing lasers.

Secret RF treatments are best suited for men and women who would like to improve areas of wrinkles, poor elasticity, and scarring. Contact Cary Dermatology Center today to set up your complimentary consultation and find out if Secret RF is the right option for you.


How is Secret RF different than other skin rejuvenation procedures?

Secret RF uses radiofrequency technology and microneedles to deliver precise heat under the skin at controlled depths. During the healing process new collagen and elastin form in the heated zones, resulting in tighter smoother skin with improved wrinkles and scars.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Treatments typically take 20 – 30 minutes. A topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment to minimize any discomfort. You may have an increased sensation of heat.

Will there be any downtime?

The skin may feel warm and red after treatment. This typically resolves in 1-2 days. You will be provided with aftercare instructions that outline post-care and expectations.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients reach their desired outcome in 2-3 treatments. Those with more severe photodamage or scarring may take 4 treatments or more. Areas will improve for 3-6 months following the last treatment.

How long will the positive effects of Secret RF last?

Secret RF treatments stimulate new collagen and elastin as well as skin tightening. We utilize a microneedling serum with potent growth factors (antiAGE) and Alastin products to optimize your results both initially and for the future.

How much does a Secret RF treatment cost?

The cost depends on the areas being treated and the recommended number of treatments. Treatment package pricing with our recommended pre-treatment product is also available. A consultation is needed to determine your treatment recommendation.

What areas of skin can be treated?

Secret RF is most commonly used on the face and neck but may be used on all areas of the body and any skin type, even darkly pigmented skin.

How far apart are Secret RF treatments?

We recommend a minimum of 4-6 weeks between sessions.

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