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What is this bump on my scalp?

Do you have a raised bump on your scalp that is not painful, but doesn't go away?  You probably have a pilar or trichilemmal cyst.  Originating from the hair follicle, 90% of these grow on the scalp, and they do run in families.

Pilar cysts may or may not be tender depending on whether or not they have ruptured.  They usually grow slowly over years and unless they are manipulated.    On rare occasions, one may grow aggressively.  While still benign, the rapidly growing ones are called proliferating trichimlemmal cysts and need to be excised.

Treatment of pilar cysts is surgical excision.  After the skin over the nodule is numbed, an incision is made over the bump and the cyst is pulled out.  Usually only one stitch is needed to close the wound.  You may shampoo the next day and the  stitch is usually removed in 10-14 days.  

Call for a consultation today.  It you have a pilar cyst or two, you can be scheduled for surgical excision and have a smooth scalp in no time.


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