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Teen Tips

Will any over-the-counter products improve my acne?

Over-the-counter acne medications have the potential to improve and even control mild acne if used properly. Facial acne washes such as Neutrogena® acne wash or Aqua Glycolic® facial cleanser can help unplug blackheads and whiteheads (comedones). A benzoyl peroxide medication such as Neutrogena® on-the-spot acne treatment also helps to reduce acne. A small amount of this medication should be applied to the entire face or acne-prone area, not just individual spots as the medication directs. Apply lotion if your face becomes too dry, or your acne may worsen. If you have used acne products for 6-8 weeks without desired results, see your dermatologist. Moderate to severe acne generally requires medical grade salycylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, or prescription medications to see significant improvement (see Acne).

Are tanning beds safer than natural sunlight?

No! Tanning beds are just as harmful as natural sunlight. Both cause premature aging/wrinkles, worsening of plugged pores in acne, and skin cancer. Try a self-tanner like Banana Boat tanning mousse to get that "healthy glow" before the prom.

How can I get rid of a wart?

Warts are caused by a virus (see Warts) and can be difficult to treat. Many warts will go away without any treatment, but other warts may grow and spread to form new warts. Over-the-counter wart medication contains salicylic acid and may be effective in reducing or eliminating some warts. These medications should be used for 4-6 weeks to determine your response. If the medication is not effective or if faster treatment is desired, see a dermatologist.

What can I use to control perspiration?

Excess underarm perspiration is a common problem, which standard antiperspirants and deodorants may not control. Recently, Secret® developed a strong antiperspirant called Secret® Platinum. Studies have shown that if this antiperspirant is applied to the underarm area twice a day (morning and night), it is as effective as some prescription antiperspirants. There are prescription products available to control perspiration if necessary.

How can Cary Dermatology help my skin?

Our doctors see many teenagers in our office on a daily basis. We are experts at diagnosing and treating skin problems and will work with you to design a treatment program that meets your needs.

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