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My prescription Medication costs too much!

With a new year comes the start of those high deductibles again.  The cost of medications, including generics has risen significantly in the past few years.  The providers do not know what each insurance plan will cover so they choose the treatment plan best suited for the patient and hope that the insurance company allows them to use their clinical skills to help the patients.

If your prescription costs more than you can afford, try the website called

When you get to the website, you can enter the medication you want to buy and your zip code.  The site will quote prices of that medication at several of the area pharmacies.  Coupons are sometimes available on the website.

Specialty pharmacies are trying to help patients by capping mark ups on medications and honoring the co-pay cards provided by pharmaceutical companies.  Your provider may send one or more of your prescriptions to a specialy pharmacy if he or she feels that a branded medication is the best treatment for your condition.  You will be provided with a phone number for the specialty pharmacy and instructions for obtaining your medication.  Be advised that at the beginning of the insurance plan year, deductibles start over and medication will be more expensive.


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